Simple and stylish Bulgari B.zero1 series

Published: Sunday 09 October, 2016
Bvlgari B.zero1 series, B on behalf of Bulgari, zero1 is always the first start of the figure, on behalf of Bulgari always walk in the cutting-edge, but also stressed that B.zero1 is the Bvlgari Basic series.

Bulgari B.zero1 continued success largely due to its design of lyrical style and eternal timeless design, between the two to achieve the perfect combination. B.Zero1 the first central ring belt is used in the late 19th century design, refer to Tubogas flexible tube chain gold ring made of.

In the 1940s Bvlgari introduced the Tubogas design concept. Side band by the metal strip wrapped connection, without any welding, seemingly simple design, the production process is extremely complex. The Tubogas ring element has long been widely used in the manufacture of Bulgari Serpenti series bracelet, necklace and even strap design. The B.Zero1 can be described as the first simple way to simple replica Bulgari jewelry re-interpretation.

In 1999, the simple style and style of the strong B.zero1 ring then from the gorgeous complex classic jewelry stand out, and then became the most popular BVLGARI jewelry style, until today. This design was originally the BVLGARI Tubogas classic series of new interpretation, but also contains a strong special design. Plain gold replica Bulgari B.zero1 ring with platinum, gold and rose gold three kinds of materials, there are laps and even four laps and five laps, and other different styles.

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