Serpenti series has all the genes of Bulgari

Published: Wednesday 26 October, 2016
After 3000 years of ancient Roman history of precipitation, Bulgari's classic is that it can use modern design Yun in the ancient culture. Thousands of years of history as this snake snake, traced back a medieval Roman and ancient Greek myth. The 40s of last century, snake prototype reproduction of the brand series of signs, Bulgari Serpenti watch series was born.

Whatever the point of view, Serpenti series has all the characteristics of the Bulgari brand has a gene: a soft spot for the color, the choice of critical materials, wearing comfort, unparalleled craft. From 2010 onwards, Replica Bulgari Serpenti watch to bold and unique creative design once again become the focus of attention. Bvlgari has always been adhering to the bold style of quality and creative handmade features, creating an unparalleled bright elegance.

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