Replica Bvlgari suitable as a Christmas gift in 2016

Published: Friday 04 November, 2016
Bvlgari in 2014 following the launch of the eternal city of Rome to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the birth anniversary of the commemoration of the brand 1 ROMA ring, Bulgari in 2016 once again fun and creativity to join this classic series. The new Bulgari B.zero1 ring replica will sparkle paved with diamonds on two of the most popular ceramic works, continue this series unique pungent spirit. Replica Bulgari suitable for Christmas gifts in 2016.

Bzero 1 series came out at the end of 1999, inspiration from the industrial field, set "gas pipe" and "Bvlgari double Logo" two classic elements in a brand. Since its inception, 1 series always uphold Bulgari eclectic unique creative, with unexpected material, rich color Variety interpretation of "precious" various forms. In 1994, the ceramic was first used by Bulgari and the well-known Chandra series.

Luxury and sparkling diamonds, and creative ceramic, Bvlgari once again two completely different properties of the material harmony, giving 1 series unique style. Concise and refined are the two key words of the new ring, sparkling diamonds inlaid on both sides of the rose gold ring above, so that the brand iconic circular double Logo more conspicuous, at the same time there are two white or black ceramic for selection.

White ceramic and various shapes of precious stones intertwined with this highly creative and forward-looking jewelry series. 1 series is not to be missed the eternal classic, full of poetic concise curve of the perfect development of Bulgari brand style and unlimited creativity, Bvlgari B.zero1 ring for the ancient culture of carrying and modern interpretation, so this series As each has a unique personal charm of the essential choice for women.

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